Monday, 4 July 2011

Book review - The Finishing Touch by Imogen Lamport

I have had the great honour to review and blog the following e-book entitled “The Finishing Touch” by Imogen Lamport. This book is the essential guide to all accessories; Jewellery, belts, shoes, scarfs and my personal favourite... Handbags. 
A lot of people forget about accessories, but as Imogen puts it, they are “ The icing on your cake” and she is right. A very ordinary outfit can be transformed into something quite special, by the correct use of these essential items. Accessories can bring alive your outfit in so many ways and it is a perfect way to express your personality. Not all of us have the courage to wear bright bold colours in a entire outfit, but a cute pair of yellow earrings that match a pair of yellow ballet flats can give you that little bit of edge to get you noticed. In this book, Imogen says by grouping similar coloured accessories and changing them daily you could even look like you are wearing a different outfit everyday.

Accessories can be thought of as an non-essential items, but they can seriously make or break an outfit, Imogen shows you how to use them to the best effect and has some great little tips you could use for speedy dressing of a morning.

 Imogen helps you to decide what accessories to buy and whether they should be a cheap fashion spend or an invested classic. What size you should buy according to your bodyshape or what feature you would like to enhance and the all important how to store them. If you don’t know what you have you may as well not have it.  In the chapter ‘levels of refinement’, She talks about what fabrics go together and why. She touches on the fact that many modern day women are not wearing enough accessories in fear of getting it wrong this book helps you to trust your decisions with straight forward facts and images.

A lot of the tips and suggestions really are common sense, but written down in such a simple way, with diagrams to help, Imogen helps to establish the rules firmly in your mind so when choosing  glasses, a hair style or that killer handbag, you clearly know what shape or style to complement your face shape and body frame. I love the chapter of your ‘balance points’ helping you to divide your body up into points you should highlight with certain accessories. She has come across a lot of women who had the right accessories, but were not wearing them at the correct heights it’s sort of Feng shui of the body.

I would not suggest you reading this book all in one hit. There is far too much information to take on board, this book is ideally suited as a text book, as you can dip into it regularly to find tips and hints. An ideal coffee table book and a great addition to your book shelf.