Thursday, 6 October 2011

What type of Handbag are you?

Have you ever wondered what your wearable friend reveals about your personality?

Bowling bag – This lady is fun, flirty and modern. The bowling bags have popped up in fashion a few times during the 20th Century starting with the 1950’s. This lady can be young and trendy, or more mature and sophisticated, either way they have a zest for life that is addictive. Using the bowling bag to project the ‘inner colour’ of their personality, these are ladies are spot on trend. Follow them if you dare!

Saddle Bag  - The saddle bag was originally... wait for it... a saddle bag – carrying your ‘everything’ whilst travelling by horseback. This is the bag for the woman that needs everything with her, but wants it to be secure. This accessory allows weight to be distributed more evenly using the long adjustable over the body straps and is  ideal for the woman who is ready to take on the world! Great for mums with toddlers, as your arms are free for grabbing and wiping. Some of the new styles are actually waterproof, great for those accidental spills– yucky!

Shoulder Bag - This bag usually has big top openings for easy access to your belongings. It is the bag of choice for those on the go women who are ready to get down to business! This lady should regularly empty her bag of irrelevant items or risk becoming a mini hoarder. Although aware of fashion trends, she sometimes plays it safe by opting for a black or dark colour to match into her existing wardrobe – this is her undeniable mistake, instead she should be using her handbag to show off her individuality and take a risk with the wonderful rich modern colours that are so popular within this seasons’ trends. She’ll get noticed and get the job done – two birds, one stone as they say!

Clutch - The clutch handbag is usually slim and elegant. Discretion is the keyword for this personality type. They are very resourceful ladies, how else could someone survive an evening with just a credit card and a lipstick? This lady is smart and sassy and knows how to look after herself. You wouldn’t want to meet one of these down a dark alleyway.

Designer Bag - The designer bag shows that you have money and not afraid of spending it! The woman who carries this bag can sometimes feel as if they can take on the persona of the designer, becoming a rock star or a fashion model! Your handbag should be an extension of your personality and not replace it. Remember to show yourself off in the best possible way by tapping into the trends, but by still being true to you. Don’t get swallowed up by the hype, create your own.

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