Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Finding the right bag to fit your body type

With so many handbag styles available, it’s important to know the differences between each design, so you can choose the shape that fits you best.

Finding the right fit!

  • Your handbag should be the opposite shape of your body type
  • For maximum flattery, your handbag size should be proportionate to your figure. As tempting as it might be, don’t be fooled by a trendy new style that doesn’t fit your figure....there are lots of wonderful alternatives.

Tall and Slim - a shopper is not the best choice for you. A chic satchel would be more suitable because it’s wider than it is high. It takes the emphasis away from your height, and puts it where it belongs ....on you!

Short and Thin - look fabulous carrying a barrel handbag. Its round design makes a nice contrast to your slender build.


Slimming - shoppers and bucket-style handbags can actually give you a slimming appearance, which is perfect if you have a larger body frame.


Everyone - the classic hobo is a basic bag that can be found in big or small designs, and complements nearly all figures.

Special Occasions - a stunning clutch will add the finishing touch to any woman’s evening gown!

All featured styles are original designs by Clare from H for Handbag. Check out our current range on our website www.hforhandbag.com ... bag one today. Go on be wicked!

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