Monday, 27 June 2011

Why is H for Handbag different from other Handbag businesses?

You guys!

I have designed for the big High Street businesses both in the UK and Australia and all they do is copy the high fashion brands such a Gucci and Prada, changing very little. The designers have little or no contact with the consumer (you guys) and the end result is 'fast fashion' bags, that go out of date quickly and tend to have design issues because they are not wear trialed for long enough. These problems all arise as the lead times from design to store are so tight. Giving little thought to the bags comfort and design faults, all companies striving to get the 'copies' on the shelves first.

The range here at H for Handbag, is constantly being tweaked, re-designed and tweaked again, striving to bring to you the ‘perfect handbag’.  I listen to what you all have to say about the handbags that you will eventually carry round with you as little wearable friends. Every comment is valuable to me.

H for Handbag is a 'fashion forward' brand, which means we don’t follow the fickle fashion trends, we research elements with longevity, so that they are more classic and can be worn season after season without looking tired or dated. I recently took a H for Handbag poll as to how long a bag should expect to last, everyone replied longer than a year. Fashion changes from season to season new trends emerging constantly but large shifts are seen every season. A handbag fashion life is relatively small, about 3 months, before it looks 'so last season'.
This is why H for Handbag is different as your bags will always look chic, unique and a little bit wicked. All the bags are designed in a practical way, I am able to lock-in small production runs, so they are limited edition styles and they all have a little element of surprise, like bright linings and quirky colour combinations. All the bags are designed for it's end use - work, fun and party, and all are designed to be practical and comfortable taking a little bit of stress off your shoulders, so you can get on with your busy lives.
These styles are also not in the high street shops, which is a good thing for you guys too, as shops always add a minimum of 100% to the price, to cover over heads. I don’t need to do this, so the prices can be kept as low as possible also making them very affordable.
Designer brands at affordable prices.
Our website is currently being updated with all our new exciting styles, but if you are keen to see them book a 'Girls Night in Party' today. Where we bring the bags to you and hostesses receive HUGE discounts and free gifts!

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