Tuesday, 21 June 2011

When Handbags become Hell!

There is a HUGE trend at the moment which could be affecting your health – Over sized bags. There is nothing wrong with them as a fashion trend, I think they fab, but they are not an opportunity to use the extra space to carry a whole plethora of objects that you really don’t need everyday.

I remember once my cousin was searching in her bag for something and she pulled out a lightblub (yes Nicola!), I was actually shocked that she had such a obscure item in her bag, but this sort of thing is quite common. I even caught my mother 'breaking the rules', she had filled up her bag with sorted change for the bank, but kept forgetting to exchange it, and as a result, she was lugging Kg’s of coins around for weeks! Maybe you put things in your bag just in case and never use, these little things, although small and harmless, can all add up to a very heavy weight which you are lugging around everywhere you go.
Try this: Put your handbag on the scale and weigh it. You could be asking for trouble if it weighs over 3kg. You wouldn’t carry around a 3kg dumbbell from the gym. So why would you sling a bag weighing the equivalent over your shoulder and walk around with it?
That kind of weight can leave a lasting impression. If you think about how you carry a bag, it’s usually on one side and you pull your neck to one side and lift your shoulder. It’s a very unnatural position. It creates strain along the neck and into the nerves down the shoulder, so it can be very painful later on leaving you with back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and possibly even arthritis.

· Downsizing -Try minimising your wallet. Carry only the credit cards and cash you need, leave the over sized makeup bags at home. Take out those extra non essentials

· Balance yourself - By carrying a bag on one shoulder and a short-handled tote in the other hand

· Best type - The best are bags that are fairly flat and of soft, lightweight material that moulds to the body—soft PVC or canvas mix are ideal

· Structure - Slouchy bags are a no no. When items shift around and aren't well distributed, your balance is thrown off. Even an oversize bag can work if it's got a definite shape, a firm base, and inner compartments to keep belongings stable and outside pockets for frequently needed essentials
· Easy Access - If you have to do a major expedition to find your phone, you're twisting and distorting your torso. You want possessions to be reachable yet secure—a long top zipper or magnetic closure helps. Inner pockets are a must

· The Test-Drive - You wouldn't buy a dress without trying it on; follow that rule with your handbag choices
· Chiropractor approved –The 3 approved positions for a short-handled bag: over your shoulder and tucked under your arm; over your forearm (or in the crook of your elbow); or held in your hand. When worn over the shoulder, your bag should fall as close to your centre of gravity as possible. Very busty women should avoid carrying anything on the shoulder: They're already being pulled forward by the weight of their breasts, and this aggravates the misalignment
· Handles- Long-strapped shoulder bags are out: They tug you to one side in a C shape, with the purse bumping at your hip and the strap Avoid chains too; they tend to gouge the flesh. Look for short handles, not too flimsy or narrow (with very skinny straps on a hefty bag, you're asking for trouble)

With all the do's and dont's there is good news for you at last! All H for Handbag styles are designed with the 8 tips mentioned above. Straps are designed to distribute the weight of your bag evenly over your shoulder. Large top openings and inner pockets are standard - matching clip on purses are ideal for your phone. All bags are made out of soft PVC’s or a mixture of fabrics to mould to your body. AND the best bit is you can book a handbag party and have all the styles brought to the relaxing comfort of your own home. Clare, the designer, will explain all the features and benefits inbuilt in the bags. You could even take one away with you on the night and if you are the Hostess you can benefit from all the special deals available - you might even walk away with a free handbag!

So now all you need to do is choose your favourite. Check out our current range on our website www.hforhandbag.com ... bag one today. Go on be wicked!

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