Wednesday, 29 June 2011

What do customers think of H for Handbag?

As I have said in previous blog posts I LOVE feedback. It enables me to solve any design issues and provide a better service for my customers. I recently approached some of my fantastic 'H for Handbag wearers' and these are some of the things they said about the bags they purchased...

Lisa from Melbourne
What H for Handbag style do you own? 
Ladybugs Tote & Milly in Khaki colour
What are the best features of the bags?
Ladybug - Size. This bag is a workhorse. If only grabbing a few things at the supermarket, they can generally fit in my handbag.
Milly - This is still my everyday bag and a real favourite. It's washable, very comfortable to use (doesn't slip off my shoulder) and goes with just about every casual outfit. Not too big, not too small, just the right number of pockets … it's just right! I love the extra little clip-on purses too. Just the right size for coins or a lipstick : )
Have you seen others wearing a H for Handbag? If so where?
Melbourne. I know of folk with the Sausage Dogs, Kitties and another Ladybugs. Everyone loves them.    

Penny from Watson, ACT
What H for Handbag style do you own?
Milly in crimson, Grace in white & Crush in red 
What are the best features of the bags?
Plenty of space, nice wide straps
Would you recommend H for Handbag to other women?
Most definitely and I have done.
Anything extra to say about H for Handbag?
I think Clare is a great designer - she thinks of all the little things. I particularly love the lining of H for Handbag bags - funky and original.

Johanna from Gordon, ACT
What H for Handbag style do you own? I have the pink ‘love me do’ bag, Tropicana in blue and Fleur in pink
What are the best features of the bags?
Best features of the bags are the bright colours! Also the internal zipped pocket and the pen holder.
Would you recommend H for Handbag to others?
I have recommended them to friends. My mum has one : )
Do you have a H for Handbag wish list?
I would love one of the new tote bags with prints.

So there you have it, some very happy customers - Thank you Lisa, Penny and Jo! If you are interested in 'bagging' a H for Handbag of your very own I would LOVE to hear from you. Our contact details are on the website this site is currently being updated with our new range, but I would be very happy to send you out a catalogue.
All H for Handbag designs are chic, unique and a little bit wicked!

With love Clare x

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